About Silvia

My name is Silvia Kaiser. I am married and mother of two wonderful sons.
I live with my family in Eberstalzell in Upper Austria.
After classical trainings of school and apprenticeship
I first immersed myself in the working world.

At 22 I became a mother, at 25 my husband and I started to build our dream house.
to build. I worked intensively, often beyond my grasp, and felt over the
Years trapped in a hamster wheel. Too much pressure,
whether homemade or from outside, changed my body and my health
creeping. Until physical pain appeared with a wide variety of symptoms.
And as life sometimes goes, one day it was simply
everything was too much and I admitted to myself that I couldn’t go on like this.

My breakdown, my herniated discs,
the fears and panic attacks…, were in retrospect a great gift.
It opened the access to myself.
I became more sensitive to my own needs and gave them
Space to be allowed to show themselves in all their facets.
To find the way to my true self,
I sought holistic support outside of mainstream medicine.
My journey to me began!
I discovered my inner values, more truthfulness
and a more respectful way of dealing with me.
But the greatest gift I have discovered for myself is FEELING.
When I fully concentrate on


i started with purposeful energetic trainings. I have written several books about
Read self-healing and attended many seminars.
The more alert I became with myself, the more sensitive I also became to the often
unconscious blockages and disease patterns in my fellow human beings.

Über Silvia Kaiser
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