AGB - General Terms and Conditions

1st training

Silvia Kaiser conducts training in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions (GTC). These terms and conditions shall be deemed to have been accepted when the order is placed. Deviations from these GTC must be agreed in writing.

The contracts concluded by me are service contracts, unless expressly agreed otherwise. The subject of the contract is therefore the provision of the agreed services, not the achievement of a specific result. In particular, I do not owe a specific economic result. My opinions and recommendations prepare the client’s business decision. They can in no way replace them.

I am entitled to use auxiliary staff, expert third parties and other vicarious agents for the execution of a consulting contract. Consultancy services in legal and tax matters are neither promised nor provided by us on the basis of the applicable regulations. These services are to be provided by the client himself/herself.

I provide my energetic training services based on the data and information provided to me by the client or his agents. These are checked by us for plausibility. The client shall be responsible for their factual correctness and completeness.

2. offers, fees

The offers are subject to change. Subject to change without notice. All fees are in Euro.

For training services, the fees published on the website and/or specified in the training or consulting agreement will be charged.

As long as there is no confirmation of costs from another source, the client is considered to be the debtor of the training fee.

Unless otherwise agreed, my fee is due immediately after invoicing and without deduction. The retention of our fee and offsetting are only permitted if the claims of the client are recognized by me or have been legally established.

3. cancellation of an appointment

These GTC apply to all services offered by Silvia Kaiser. They are exclusively authoritative unless otherwise agreed in writing with the customer. By using the website of Silvia Kaiser (, in particular to purchase her services, you agree to these terms and conditions. Before using their services or placing an order, you should read and understand the terms and conditions.

By making an appointment for the initial consultation, you accept this regulation. Individual sessions booked with Silvia Kaiser (Energetic Massages, Readings, On-site Energy Work, etc.) can be canceled by email or phone up to 24 hours before the appointment. Cancellations within the 24 hours prior to the appointment are subject to a charge and the full cost of the appointment will be billed.

4. copyright

All documents handed over to the client are included in the agreed remuneration, unless otherwise agreed. The copyright of the documents belongs to Silvia Kaiser only. The client is not allowed to reproduce the documents in whole or in part and/or to make them accessible to third parties without the written consent of Silvia Kaiser.

5. insurance coverage

Each client bears full responsibility for him/herself and his/her actions inside and outside the training sessions and is responsible for any damage caused. The training is not psychotherapy and cannot replace it. Participation requires a normal mental and physical resilience.

The organizer of team trainings, seminars, workshops etc. is always the client. Therefore, the participants have no insurance coverage by Silvia Kaiser.

6. liability

The information and advice given in training sessions and in all documentation is carefully considered and verified by the trainer. The activity of Silvia Kaiser is a pure service activity. Therefore, success is not owed. Liability is excluded. The dispatch or electronic transmission of any data is at the risk of the client.

7. confidentiality

Silvia Kaiser undertakes to maintain unlimited confidentiality towards third parties about all operational, business and private matters of the client that become known in the course of the activity, even after the termination of the contract. In addition, Silvia Kaiser undertakes to carefully store the documents provided for the purpose of the Energetic Trainer activity and to protect them against inspection by third parties.

8. obligation of the client to cooperate

The training is carried out on the basis of the preparatory discussions held between the parties. It is based on cooperation and mutual trust. In this context, the trainer would like to point out that training is a free, active and self-responsible process and certain successes cannot be guaranteed. The trainer is available to the client as a process facilitator and support for decisions and changes – the actual change work is done by the client. The client should therefore be willing and open to deal with him/herself and his/her situation.

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