Energy work for adults

Energy work for adults - 60 minutes

Holistic BODY WORK

A holistic wellness application for deep relaxation and activation of self-healing powers.

Deep and muscle relaxation through strokes and touches in the back, head and neck area.
A soothing combination of various relaxation and resolution techniques, supported by the effects of essential oils and spiritual guidance.

Over many years of my training and experience, I have been immersed in exciting and healing bodywork techniques. (see my trainings). Each one was and is wonderful in its own right. What made it perfect for me, however, was the combination: incorporating all my knowledge, experience and tools, completely individualized to each person.

By placing your hands on and gently pressing various acupressure points, gentle healing impulses are delivered to your body, thereby activating your self-healing powers.

Your energy system is thus able to improve physical ailments as well as release mental burdens and blockages.
During the energetic accompaniment I am in connection with your soul, which is also called inner voice or something similar.
In doing so, I perceive energies, blockages and messages in the form of images, words and feelings.

It is the beginning of a wonderful
Journey to yourself.

60 minutes – price: 85,00 €

Energiearbeit für Erwachsene
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