How do I find new life force through my breath?

The number 26,000 embodies life itself, because it corresponds to the number of breaths we humans take in about a single day. But many people are not aware of the influence that breathing has on well-being and vitality. Especially in stressful situations or when we carry around unexpressed emotions, the breathing rhythm gets out of balance. This constant inner tension leads to shallow, rapid or compressed breathing, which we no longer even notice in our hectic everyday lives. In the long term, unbalanced breathing can lead to a variety of symptoms. We feel reduced performance, fatigue and irritability. Our digestion may be impaired, our heart throbs violently, and our vitality is greatly reduced.

The importance of conscious breathing exercises for the life force

How can we now consciously influence our own breath? A wonderful way to explore this is through meditation. It calms our mind and allows us to enter a state of inner peace and serenity. In doing so, our thoughts become clearer and lighter as we focus entirely on the present moment. Letting go also makes it especially easy to focus on our breathing and connect to our innermost being. With this reflected breathing practice, also known as abdominal breathing, air flows throughout the chest and abdominal region as our diaphragm and abdomen gently lift as we inhale. As a result, our body is optimally supplied with oxygen and we feel the vitality returning.

Massages represent another perspective of letting go, which can be wonderfully combined with the intensive breath work. While the patient focuses his attention on deep breathing into the abdomen, the therapist releases tension and blockages with targeted grips and techniques. The ultimate goal is always a free and flowing breath that unfolds naturally due to the newly learned body awareness, without us having to consciously pay attention to it. To achieve more vitality, we can take a few precious moments during the day to create mental space to focus on our breathing rhythm. We can practice these short moments of mindfulness with slow inhalation and exhalation discreetly in any place we happen to be. Over time, we change our behavior in remarkable ways so that abdominal breathing becomes our natural source of vitality.

At the same time, through this breathing practice, we also open ourselves to a spiritual dimension. By connecting with our breathing, we perceive the life force and potential that lies within us. Thus, each breath becomes a channel through which we experience access to our innermost being and connect with the spiritual dimension. It is an exciting journey that leads us to a more conscious and healthier life without much effort.

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