Declaration of consent - Disclaimer

Any energetic session, whether massages, energetic problem-oriented conversations, reading, otherworldly contact or an appointment in 1:1 does not replace a visit to the doctor, therapist or alternative practitioner. I expressly point out not to stop taking the prescribed medication and to continue taking it. I would like to point out that therapies and treatments of a prescribed nature are not to be discontinued.

I am happy to cooperate with doctors, therapists, alternative practitioners and the like if desired and if I and the treating doctor, therapist, alternative practitioner or the like have been released from the duty of confidentiality.

This must be done in writing. I do NOT make diagnoses and I do NOT make promises of cures. An energetic session is designed to awaken and strengthen your self-healing powers. An energetic session supports you; to bring you into your self-empowerment, to support you in your development.

An energetic session is perceived on your own responsibility and voluntarily.

I (Silvia Kaiser) do not assume any liability and guarantees for any information and or actions/ decisions and reactions of the client afterwards.

By booking an energetic session of any kind, the client declares his consent and knowledge of the contents of this disclaimer.

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