Starseed Coaching - medially guided energy work

For me, medial starseed coaching is a wonderful medial energy transmission with energy beings.

It is a combination of coaching – reading and healing, which I was able to learn from the lovely Birgit Fischer.

Before we start the journey, we will discuss your concerns and I will then take your questions into the coaching session.

I breathe myself into a silent trance state, connect with my guides, with your guides,

with the otherworldly and universal energies.

Here, too, I make myself available as a medium/channel for the spiritual world, the world of energies, the Starseeds,… available.

I often take you into a relaxed and light trance state, like a relaxation or trance journey.

But you can talk to me in the meantime,

i.e. we remain in mutual exchange and healing energies can flow.

Sometimes coaching is a journey, sometimes a conversation, sometimes a reading,

sometimes a healing or a mixture of everything, depending on what you need.

Here I allow myself to be completely led and guided.

I look forward to feeling love and life together with you.

Medial coaching takes place as a live session via Zoom call or on site.

It’s like a tidy-up in itself.
Sometimes it’s time to look at your issues, feel them out and then let them go.

It can help you with this:

Boost your sensitivity and mediumship

to feel and unfold yourself, your soul, your soul light

to bring more lightness and joy back into your life

to release recurring blocking themes / feelings

transform old beliefs and belief patterns

Energetic support for physical complaints

Topics relating to partnerships

Mother/father issues

Childhood topics

Professional topics

Live session via Zoom call – or on site in my practice

When you book and continue to the checkout, you will see the following at the bottom of the next page

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you can write in the notes to the order,

whether you prefer your appointment online or offline.

Duration: approx. 60 minutes


85,00 Euro for one appointment

If you have any further questions, please send me an e-mail using the contact form.

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