Kinesiology school workshop

Easier learning with kinesiology

In my work as an accompanying kinesiologist, I increasingly encounter children who are disturbed or partially impaired in their learning due to deficits and blockages, among other things.

The children should grow up to be self-confident people who can assert themselves in our world, but who are also considerate of others.
Again and again, we deal with our own feelings and emotions and verbalize them with the aim of strengthening our children’s resilience and ability to deal with conflict. Mindfulness is the basic principle here.

Kinesiology makes life easier in every way. This not only applies to schoolchildren and young people, but adults also often have to face new challenges and learn new skills.

The kinesiology exercises are easy and fun to do. The aim is to dissolve existing blockages and optimize certain skills. The aim is to make it easier for pupils to respond to their
natural resources and develop their full potential.

Movement and play are used sensibly so that pupils can tap into their innate intelligence.

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