How do I strengthen my self-esteem?

A stronger self-esteem for a happy life

Whether it’s one’s career, appearance, possessions or relationships – life can be viewed and seemingly evaluated in many ways. Modern society in particular has long since ceased to be about mere survival, so that competition for social media presence and the pursuit of strict beauty ideals, for example, have found their way into everyday life. This is also reflected in self-esteem. One’s own life seems to be dependent on the recognition of others, and especially on the Internet this can take on unimagined dimensions if you don’t really know the majority of your contacts, online friends or followers. But also in a very everyday way, many people compare their careers or their own house with their circle of friends and acquaintances. If you notice such a mindset in yourself to a small or large degree, you are damaging your mental health and impairing your potential to feel contentment, joy and happiness. However, there are healthy ways to deal with your own self-worth in an honest and beneficial way.

Detach from external recognition with self-improvement and positive thinking

Weak, low-value, or unhealthy self-esteem is when one criticizes oneself or certain qualities to excess. It doesn’t matter whether, for example, you feel unattractive on the outside, consider yourself untalented in your own hobby, or are dissatisfied with your career. Such negative thinking inevitably surfaces as soon as one compares oneself with other people. In the networked public, you usually always see the best pages of, for example, celebrities on the net. So they focus on their greatest strengths, ignoring the fact that everyone has their own problems. But how does one then arrive at a healthy self-worth? To do this, you set your own goals independently. Becoming a better version of yourself is not in any other competition, is motivating and makes successes visible soon. For example, if you are unhappy with the figure, start exercising in a small amount and increase the workload over time. Success will come, you will feel better, and in time you will even feel pleasure from your new hobby. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a new foreign language, educate yourself on certain topics, or make your relationship more relaxed? Then no one is stopping you from starting a class, reading non-fiction, or working through a life guide with your partner. No one is forcing a deadline on you and with steady steps you become a better version of yourself every day. The important thing is that you believe in success with a positive mindset and soon you will find that the unhealthy comparison with the ideals of your peers no longer matters. You have recognized in your own self-esteem what is good for you.

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