Perceive the small moments,
where life is deep and pleasant
breathes through. Far away from stress and
Hectic pace to calm down.

Perceive the small moments when life breathes deeply and comfortably.
Far away from stress and hustle and bustle come to rest.
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Feeling, power in life - working together.

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About me

Hello heart man, nice that you are here.

Everyone has their own story, just like you and me. Mine has been so far, anything but normal. For a long time I let myself be guided by my fear, no longer perceived myself and only functioned. I could no longer assign my feelings, there was only emptiness inside me. For many years of my life I have tried to adapt to my environment, to my counterpart. A NO was unimaginable for me, so that at some point it was not at all clear for me who I am and what makes me. It changed my body and my health insidiously. But what always made me stand up was the desire to live my life in a self-determined way, to live without fear and to be happy.

In order to find the path to my true self, I sought holistic guidance outside of mainstream medicine. I started with purposeful energetic trainings and felt very quickly that this was the right path for me. I have read several books on self-healing and attended many seminars and courses.

The more I focused on myself and not on the outside, the more alert I became to the often unconscious blockages and disease patterns in my fellow human beings. It opened the access to myself. I became more sensitive to my own needs and gave them space to show themselves in all their facets. It was a feeling of love that was never gone – only I didn’t want to see or hear it. I discovered my inner values, more truthfulness and a more respectful approach to myself. And today I know that this path was very important for me, and everything has its meaning and was allowed to be.

My name is Silvia Kaiser. Together with my husband, our two sons and our dogs and cats I live in Eberstalzell. I love walking with our dogs and spending time in nature. After classical schooling and an apprenticeship as a wholesale merchant, I first immersed myself in the working world. After this time, I worked for many years as an office administrator in various industries. The work in the office did not fill my heart and so I dived into the world of spirituality for the time being. I realized very quickly how “easy” life can be when you take your LIFE into your own hands and have a clear view of your individual path. In 2014 I started with kinesiology and more trainings followed. In 2015 I took the step into self-employment, where I am allowed to accompany people daily to free themselves from their fears, to let their heart speak, to come into their full power.

Let’s dive in together and flow through themes and energies to activate your self-healing. To bring your body, soul and spirit back into harmony so that you walk your path in love and joy.

If you can feel what you see with your heart.

If you can describe what you feel in your words.

When you find what you are looking for in your own soul.

Then you are on the right path to living your life.


2014 NK Institute Neuroenergetic Kinesiology by Hugo Tobar
2015 Reiki 1 and Reiki 2
2016 Reiki Master Degree
2017 Singing Bowl Energetics
2020 Access Consciousness © Bars Practitioner
2020 Touch f. Health
2020 Hot Stone Massage

Courses with Birgit Fischer (

Coulour Healing Training
Trance Basic Workshop
Starseed Lecture
Starseed diet
Loving life
Regular participation in full moon live session
Annual training Starseed Academy 2023

Here you can find an excerpt of my testimonials and references.

Silvia Kaiser
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Lisa FröschlLisa Fröschl
13:25 27 Sep 23
Liebe Silvia, danke für deine sehr einfühlsame, ruhige und sehr positive Art und Arbeit mit mir. Ich habe mich in deiner Praxis sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt.
Denise KolbDenise Kolb
10:46 26 Sep 23
Ich war das erste Mail bei Silvia und hatte eine Hot-Stone Massage und was soll ich sagen – es war ein Traum! Ich bin wirklich absolut begeistert. Silvia ist sehr einfühlsam und professionell. Ich fühlte mich schon lange nicht mehr so entspannt und befreit. Danke, danke! Ich komme bestimmt bald wieder!
Martina HörtenhuberMartina Hörtenhuber
20:27 23 Aug 23
Dankeschön. Bei dir Silvia fühlten sich meine Kinder sehr wohl. Und danke dafür das du uns geholfen hast.
Simone MairingerSimone Mairinger
07:37 26 Jan 23
Dank der lieben Silvia hat sich mein Leben verändert – davor war ich gesundheitlich und psychisch sehr angeschlagen war ständig unzufrieden mit mir und mit meinem Leben hatte einfach keine Kraft mehr jetzt habe ich meine lebensfrohe Art und mein glückliches Leben wieder zurück bekommen – hatte nie an soetwas geglaubt und jetzt bin ich überglücklich das ich das bei der Silvia sein darf und sich mich jedes mal aufs neue verzaubert 🙂
Silke WSilke W
15:52 06 Aug 22
Entspannende …super angenehme entschlackende Hot Stone Massage 🙂
Nadl WNadl W
18:37 19 Jan 22
Meine Tochter hatte wahnsinnig grosse Probleme mit dem Toilettengang.Wir probierten verschiedene Fachärzte. Und andere Methoden ihr zu helfen ,leider half nichts.Wir waren am Ende mit unseren Nerven und unsere Familie leben wurde zur Qual.Dann waren wir bei Silvia, es war fast nicht zu glauben aber es geht ihr so gut und uns allen.Herzlichen Dank liebe Silvia fur Deine hilfe
Silvia B.Silvia B.
10:28 18 Sep 21
Die offene und liebevolle Art von Silvia schätz ich sehr, man fühlt sich bei ihr sehr gut aufgehoben! Ich hatte bei ihr eine Hot Stone Massage, so entspannt war ich schon lange nicht mehr! Kann ich jedem nur sehr ans Herz legen und empfehle sie daher jedem der mal Auszeit und Zeit für sich braucht!
Sarah GramschekSarah Gramschek
05:29 22 Mar 21
Hot-Stone Kombi mit Kienesiologischer Balance tut so gut. ❤️Generell kann man sagen, dass es einem nach der Behandlung von Silvia besser geht – sehr empfehlenswert. ❤️
Silvia Kaiser

I accompany people to free themselves from their fears, to come into their power.

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